• Adams Gains Vitality to Enjoy his New Son

    Adam came to Breathing Free because he had reached a stage, where he recognised he needed some help in overcoming his addiction.

    At the time, he was 35 years old and has been smoking approximately 20 – 30 cigarettes a day since he was 15 years old. He felt drained, depleted of energy and constantly moody from tiredness.

    He finally decided to take the challenge when his son was born. His love for his son, helped him to recognise what was important. Most importantly, Adam “wanted to be there for his son for as long as he could”. He realised that smoking was putting his life at risk and threatening his time with his son.

    Adam had tried quitting three times before he came to Breathing Free.  One of his strongest cues was the social triggers. For Adam smoking was being part of the smokers’ group, the sense of belonging with the mates he shared a smoke with at work. It was a shared bond that created strong triggers for him and led to relapse every time.

    With counselling, hypnotherapy and relaxation techniques, Adam was able to recognise this cue and find a more positive way of dealing with the social triggers. Adam decided to quit smoking by reducing the number of cigarettes each week. Eventually he was down to 2 cigarettes a day until he was ready to finally let go once and for all.

    The success of overcoming his addiction went beyond benefiting Adam and his family. He became an example for his work mates who began to see Adam as an inspiration. Three of them followed in taking on the challenge of overcoming the addiction.

  • Paul Leaves his 'Mate'

    Paul came for help to quit smoking after 12 unsuccessful attempts. He finally realised this was something he needed help with. With some counselling and hypnotherapy, Paul realised he was reluctant to quit smoking because it kept him company when he was alone.

    Smoking was Paul’s mate, his friend. When spending time on his own he felt less alone with a cigarette. With therapy, Paul was able to overcome this dependency on smoking and feel comfortable spending time on his own without smoking.

    “I was amazed, that this was the main trigger that prevented me from quitting. I wasn’t even aware this was blocking my quitting until I went to Breathing Free. They helped me to gain insight into this and helped me to release and overcome my issues. It was so comfortable to have support that was understanding, patient, caring and inspirational”.

  • Jessica Finds a Joyful Life

    “At 65 years old, I didn’t think it was possible to overcome a 50 year habit. My recent illnesses led me to make a decision to make an appointment with Vanessa. She was so understanding and compassionate regarding my fears, resistance and challenges. It was so much easier to speak to someone who had gone through this herself and could relate to me and what I was experiencing.

    Even when I felt like giving up, Vanessa’s compassionate acceptance and faith helped me to finally give up. I am now free of nicotine addiction and have not had a smoke in over 3 years. I feel so much more alive, joyful and energetic. I wish I had tried earlier in life. I have missed out on so much time and living by smoking time away. Thank you Vanessa for motivating me to continuing with the process”.